Our Business

Quesada Jara Group, S.L. Society , is a bussines dedicated to buildings promotion and construction, set up in Puerto de Sagunto, the 10th of October 1997.

Prior to the constitution of this society, and through other corporations, there have been other housing developments in the region of Camp de Morvedre and mainly in the town of Canet d'en Berenguer.

To date, the Quesada Jara Group account with the amount of about 500 homes built, including single family homes.

Last News

Benifairó inaugurated the new premises of the public library.

The works by Quesada Jara have allowed, among other things removing architectural barriers. The work has involved an investment of 150,000 euros.

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The Confraternity of San Cristobal organizes a day of coexistence between police and children.

Since the group wished to thank the collaboration of José García Quesda that "in addition to working directly with us, participate in this conference bringing Andalusian horse carts for children wander"

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